Feminism – what we stand for

ecosocialist.scot defends a trans-inclusive, internationalist, ecosocialist feminism of the 99%. Historically, the sexual division of labour has assigned to women most of the work needed to sustain life and social reproduction. Today, the joint crises of the pandemic and the climate have revealed more than ever how central these multiple tasks of caring are. Without them, it would be impossible to reproduce the labour force that keeps the machinery of capitalism running.


This oppression of women, and gender oppression in general, is therefore deeply embedded in the capitalist system, which uses it to sustain its domination. But it is not the same thing as capitalist exploitation. It did not begin with the rise of capitalism, and it will not automatically end with its overthrow. That is why we support the right of women and other oppressed groups to organise themselves as they see fit, separately or not, and to lead their own struggles.


As an ecosocialist, feminist organisation, we are committed to walking side by side with women and LGBT+ communities, as well as migrants and racialised people, who are engaging in struggles and creating concrete alternatives to confront the critical situation we face, and who provide an inspiration for the kind of change we need here in Scotland and around the world.



For further reading, ecosocialist.scot recommends the following:

Dangerous Liaisons: The marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism, Cinzia Arruzza with a prologue by Penelope Duggan.  Available from Resistance Books £10.00

Dangerous Liaisons: The marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism

Women’s Liberation & Socialist Revolution: Documents of the Fourth International, edited and introduced by Penelope Duggan. Available from Resistance Books £7.00

Women’s Liberation & Socialist Revolution

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