Reading List – ECUADOR: Behind the indigenous mass uprisings and ecosocialist struggles


Ecuador uprisings and politics

New lessons from the popular struggle in Ecuador: preliminary ideas, June 2022, by Christian Arteaga. Online:

Two projects confront each other once more”, June 2022, by Fernando López Romero. Online:

Ecuador: Victory for indigenous strike movement, but the struggle continues! La lucha continúa, July 2022, by Online:

Stop the represion in Ecuador! Solidarity with the indigenous-led strike! Appeal with signatories, June 2022. Online:

A new cycle of popular resistance to neoliberalism has opened, October 2019, by Mario Unda Online:

Latin America Struggle and Politics in General

Brazil: a victory in a tragedy underway January 2023, by Virgínia Fontes Online:

Lula won, but Bolsonarism is still very much alive, December 2022, by Miguel Urbán Crespo MEP. Online:

Gustavo Petro tested in power in Colombia, November 2022, by Patrick Guillaudat Online:

Chile’s victorious “new left” brings hope, but it’s all to play for, January 2022, by Franck Gaudichaud. Online:

We the Indians – The indigenous peoples of Peru and the struggle for land, 2018, by Hugo Blanco. Book £15 Resistance Books, Merlin Press, IIRE: Also available at meetings

Hugo Blanco – a revolutionary for life 2018, by Derek Wall. Book £12 from Resistance Books: Also available at meetings

Ecosocialism General

Ecosocialism Not Extinction, 2022, by Allan Todd. Book £5 from Resistance Books: Also available at meetings

Facing the Apocalypse – Arguments for Ecosocialism, 2019, by Alan Thornett. Book £15 from Resistance Books: Also available at meetings

What is Ecosocialism? by John Molyneux and Jess Spear. Pamphlet €3.50 from RISE Ireland: (NB currently out of stock, hopefully available soon).

Ecosocialism: A radical alternative to capitalist catastrophe 2015, by Michael Lowy. Book £10.99 from Haymarket Books