Internationalism is based in Scotland but defines itself as based on internationalism.

From its very beginnings capitalism emerged as an international system and since then it has extended its reach until – in the 21st century – it directly or indirectly dominates the entire globe.

Capitalism is an intrinsically unstable and expansionist system dominated by huge concentrations of capital that transcend national boundaries. For this reason alone, the struggle against capitalism by the working class and the oppressed – the struggle for socialism – must also be an international one. Regardless of their national differences or rivalries, the capitalist classes organise themselves internationally; the working class and its allies must do likewise. Solidarity and international action are thus essential to the ultimate success of the socialist project. As the experience of the last century conclusively demonstrated, ‘socialism in one country’ is both a practical and a theoretical illusion.

Throughout its history capitalism has developed unevenly and has resulted in the international dominance of one or more capitalist states. National rivalries have been inflamed and millions have suffered and died as a result of wars and imperialist conquest. We are opposed to imperialism – the subjugation of weaker nations by more powerful ones – and support the self-determination of oppressed nations and the struggle for national liberation. However, as revolutionaries we do not subordinate the struggles of the oppressed and exploited to the interests of any state or ‘bloc’ but rather defend their independent interests without fear or favour. Our internationalism is given practical expression through solidarity with struggles throughout the world and also through our commitment to organise as part of a revolutionary international. The socialism to which we aspire is above all international in its scope: a world without borders, where no-one is ‘illegal’, and where national conflicts and divisions are a thing of the past.


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