About Us

ecosocialist.scot is both a website and an organisation… read more about us below

ecosocialist.scot has been set up by supporters of Socialist Resistance living in Scotland to campaign for ecosocialism. We aim to provide news and views about Scottish and International politics – focussing on issues like climate justice, feminism and solidarity with those in struggle across the world.  We believe in a pluralist left and will publish articles we don’t necessarily agree with and encourage debate.

We unequivocally support Scottish Independence and believe that the route to an Ecosocialist Scotland lies through the break-up of the British state and independence for Scotland – and we support independence for Wales, and the reunification of Ireland.

We are revolutionaries and believe that ecosocialism is not just dreaming about the future, but also about fighting in the current political environment and putting forward policies relevant to the lives of millions.

We have supporters in various political and campaigning organisations across Scotland. We are particularly active in the climate movement during the run up to COP26. We have supporters who are longstanding members of the Scottish Socialist Party, but we also support building left unity and welcome any moves to build united activity among those in the Scottish Green Party, Scottish Labour Party, and Scottish National Party, with those socialists and greens who are members of no party. We participate in and build the the Republican Socialists network of activists, local groups of the Radical Independence Campaign, and Now Scotland (the grassroots campaign for Scottish Independence). We support moves to unify socialist and green forces in Scotland around the environmental and independence movement.

We believe in working with socialist, green and ecosocialist forces across the British Isles in particular, and welcome the links between organisations that support our goals in Wales, Ireland and England. In England and Wales, our fellow supporters of the Fourth International are involved in a new united revolutionary organisation – Anti*Capitalist Resistance. We promote Resistance Books – the publishing arm associated with the Fourth International in Britain that publishes a wide range of books on ecosocialism, feminism and internationalism. Resistance Books works in conjunction with the radical book publisher Merlin Press and with the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE).

We are not nationalists but internationalists, members of the Fourth International. The Fourth International is a worldwide organisation of revolutionary socialists established many decades ago that redefined itself with an ecosocialist perspective in 2010. It has sections in many countries around the world and we maintain close links and support those organisations with particular emphasis on those particularly pertinent to the current situation in Scotland.  You can read more about the Fourth International on our dedicated page on this site.

You can read more about our positions on particular topics under the pages on this website:

We were opposed to the Tory Brexit, not because we support the increasingly neo-liberal European Union, but because we believed that in the context of the British state Brexit would represent an attack on migrants and a move to align UK to the reactionary right of the political spectrum.

The Fourth International has a long and proud history of activism in Scotland and you can read about this in the page on Our History.

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You can also contact us at info@ecosocialist.scot about any of the issues raised on this site.