The Faslane Peace Camp celebrates its 40th Anniversary on 12 June 2022 and is holding three days of events at the camp to commemorate and talk about getting rid of nuclear weapons, reports Mike Picken.

The camp, approximately 40 miles west of Glasgow on the Clyde estuary, was one of a number of direct action protests against nuclear weapons set up across Britain in the 1980s – of which the Women’s Peace Camp at Greenham Common came to prominent world attention at the time when US nuclear-armed Cruise Missiles were based there.

Faslane is now the sole location for the deployment of the UK state’s huge nuclear arsenal (there are manufacturing and storage facilities elsewhere and convoys regularly cross Britain’s road).

There are four Trident submarines based permanently there, and the UK government has recently announced a unilateral increase in the number of nuclear warheads deployed to over 200.  One of the reasons why the UK state and establishment so fears Scottish independence is because there is a clear commitment in the independence movement to remove Trident nuclear weapons from Scotland.

Trident means that the Camp has therefore continued for forty years to act as a focus for action against nuclear weapons across the UK state and is deserving of support from across the labour, trade union, peace and Scottish independence movements.

The programme of events is still being finalised, and will publish and support it as soon as we have details – so keep a lookout on our Twitter account and this website.  Supporters will be welcome at any time 10-12 June, whether just for a few hours or for the whole period.

The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) voted at its Annual General Meeting to support the anniversary and can also be approached; details here:


You can contact the camp by email: Facebook:

The best way of getting to the Camp for most people is to travel to the nearby town of Helensburgh first, there is a regular train service from Glasgow.  For travel to the Camp itself from Helensburgh, the following advice is given:

The Peace Camp consists of a line of caravans and buses along a short stretch of the A814 approaching Faslane. Visitors, and potential new residents, are always welcome, and the Camp is child- and dog-friendly. Please be aware that alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the communal spaces to which visitors have access.
The Camp is most easily reached by bus from Helensburgh; the 316 service travels between the train station and Peace Camp twice an hour through most days, and the fare is £2.15 at the time of writing. Alternatively, it’s a 20-minute cycle or hour’s walk along the coastal road to the west of the town.

Step up opposition to nuclear weapons!

Russia’s appalling actions in invading Ukraine, a state that voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons, have put pressure across Europe on governments to increase support for the NATO nuclear alliance and nuclear weapons.  We need to oppose this and say loudly and clearly that nuclear weapons are no defence against imperialist actions like Russia’s and that more than ever we need to remove nuclear weapons from Europe and the world.  Supporting the Faslane peace camp anniversary 10-12 June, opposing Trident, and calling for more states to sign the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) (which finally holds its postponed first conference of signatories and civil society in Vienna late June) are among the best ways of bringing an effective future world free from weapons of mass destruction.
CND banners at the Faslane nuclear base (Pic: Sept 2021 M Picken)

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