The Independence bloc on Glasgow’s March for Climate Justice on Saturday 6 November will be marching for Climate Justice and for a Scottish Independence that takes effective action on climate, ends Scotland’s role in fossil fuels and a new Scotland in solidarity with the Global South.

The slogan of the bloc is

It’s Scotland’s Oil – Keep It In The Soil

and the immediate demand will be for the Cambo oil field off the coast of Shetland to be stopped.

The slogan combines the demand popularised by the Scottish National Party in the 1970s with the demands of the climate movement and the COP26 Coalition calling the march for no new extraction of fossil fuels and a phasing out of existing extractions with a just transition for workers.

The bloc has been convened by the Radical Independence Campaign and will assemble at the Lord Roberts Statue in Kelvingrove Park from 11.30am.  Lord Roberts was a British imperialist military figure who was integral to the suppression of India, Afghanistan, South Africa and Ireland during the British Empire.  Campaigners will also call for recognition of Britain and Scotland’s role in the imperialist domination of so many countries, a domination that has underdeveloped them economically.  Financial reparations and the cancellation of debts are essential if these countries are to survive.

The bloc has been built by a Crowdfunder that can still be donated to.

Other Blocs on the march

The Independence bloc is one of around twenty on the demonstration.  Full details of all the blocs and their assembly points are here:

You can find an overview of all the blocs and lead contacts here.

Facebook event page here:

List of blocs:

Indigenous bloc

Anti-Racist / Migrant Justice bloc (FB event –

Youth bloc

Trade Unions bloc (FB event –

Communities bloc (FB event –

Extinction Rebellion bloc (FB event –

Faith and belief bloc

Independence bloc (FB event –

Climate Justice bloc (FB event –

Health bloc

Farmers and Land Workers bloc (FB event –

Biodiversity & Nature bloc

Housing bloc

Cycling Bloc & Sustainable Transport bloc (FB event –

See here for site maps of Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Green, and the full Action Plan here.

There will also be a Southside feeder march which will assemble at 12noon at Queen’s Park and join the main demo at George Square. Please see FB event:


Radical Independence Campaign on the march for Scottish Independence January 2020 (photo C Beaton)

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